My unforgettable travel story: An experience you will never ever forget.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” -― Ralph Waldo Emerson
South Korea is my first choice if i want to travel out of the country. Why?  I love Korean dramas. It is not a hobby. It is my life. watching them like almost 500 hrs  and counting is not a waste of time. I even tried to pass all my requirements in Korean Embassy in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I didn’t passed. Maybe it is not our time to go there. Plan B: a reroute.
Since it is my first time to travel out of the country, I’m kinda nervous.  I don’t usually speak english everyday and don’t even know how to approach them. haha! Well yeah! *nail bite* sorry for the flight! as usual! they are late! argh 😡 waiting there for almost an hour or two is not a joke!
Annyeonghaseyo!!  jeoneun thumper ieyo :
IMG_6348still at NAIA 2. waiting for the flight.
IMG_6340 I saw this ad.. It means I need to travel more 🙂

                  903 902

Just arrived at Changi International Airport at 3 am 😀 so huge and clean.
We stayed at my friend’s house in Serangoon almost an hour from the airport. I didn’t know that the taxi fare has a night differential. nice! It is not on my budget! haha! Still awake until 6 am because we had a plan to go to Malaysia first before we start to roam Singapore.  It is like traveling from north to south, we still have to find the bus station. we are newbie in the country, we got lost! we didn’t arrived exactly 8 am at the station. yes! i am so tired, hungry, disappointed and frustrated at the same time! good thing we saw McDonald.
912 I bought this hello kitty plush toy from Mcdo.
So we went to Vivo City mall just to see what is there? boo! what a tiring day! we decided to go home and recharge our weak bodies from disappointments. haha 😁
Just to feel at ease and we don’t want waste our time staying at home, we went to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. It’s like! wwwhhoooaaaa!  ten times more than the shopping mall  in the Phil. or am i over reacting!? haha it is my first time to watch light show by the river. behind that is the skyscraper of singapura. clap clap clap!
IMG_6419at SMRT
IMG_6429my first sunset in Singapore.
strolling @ the Shoppe.
woohoo! the light show! happiness 🙂
IMG_6470      enjoying the view thumper?!  lol
IMG_6464eating time… nom nom nom …
918bbuuurrrppp 🙂 kinda spicy ah!
for our dessert. healthy buff mode on. haha! gomapseumnida dongsaeng betchai ❤
They told us that we don’t need to ride a cab.. so we have to walk until we reached our next leg… Singapore flyer! woot woot! we just enjoyed our walkathon photoshoot. lols
IMG_6561IMG_6545IMG_6536where are we now?!
IMG_6583IMG_6584 taadaaahhhh!! of course we didn’t get to ride this ferris wheel. booooo
IMG_6596Seriously,  we got lost …. thanks for this family.. they showed us how to reached the smrt station. haha! cute!
Excited for our second day. where to go?!
IMG_6611IMG_6607waiting for the bus..
Every child’s dream! Theme Park!!  My friend gave me a free ticket at Universal Studios Singapore!! weeee! happy kid! thanks again Mico
 I don’t want to spoil my kiddo mode.. woot woot!
           our first ride
i love this movie… lol
*clap clap clap* nice show!
i enjoyed this ride.  THE MUMMY RETURNS
IMG_1564let’s eat humans! late lunch inside the sci-fi cafeteria.
weeeeeeee!! i haven’t watched this movie.. but this! it’s different! a must try!
IMG_6773IMG_6862 Y O L O!!
Streetboys was one of the attractions in USS. They are the dance troupe in the Philippines early 90’s. proud to be Pinoy! good to see them performing again…
  lalalalala….  that guy made my day…. ❤
Welcome to the candy shop…. let’s sing! all together now!
Singapore trip is not complete without visiting Sentosa Island.  We are scheduled to watch Songs by the Sea at 7pm.


Everyday is a surprise! We started our day tour. First stop. Little India, thanks to this Argentinian guy. It was his first time  in Singapore and little span of time he memorizes every street only using the map.  Geez.
Let’s us do the photowalk!
                                                            IMG_7013  IMG_7016
Taking shots a like a pro 🙂 Don’t have time to edit every pics. hoho. Btw, gracias Seba for the ice cream.  You owe it to us. You let us walk for five hours. Funny thing was we can’t complain. lol
I went back to Marina Bay Sands at night because i have to meet my friend. He is staying there for more than a year.
Thanks for the treat Jai. I’ll be back!! haha
This day should be memorable. Indeed it was. haha. We went back to Burgis and Chinatown for another shopping galore. I bought goods for my family and friends. Walking like there’s no tomorrow.
Enjoying our last day 🙂
Late lunch at Chinatown. Forgot the name of the restaurant.
Musssshhheetttddaahhhh 😛
Before we face the reality! something came up… as in bad! it’s like a nightmare. It is our little black secret. haha that’s why we called it epic… as in fail! hahaha! A lesson to be learned.
Waiting for our departure. Trying their delicacy. LAKSA!
Thank you Singapore for this wonderful trip. Thank God, He gave us a good weather.  I will be back! but I have to travel  South Korea first. My dream destination. ^_^
If ever I will be THE CHOSEN ONE! ^_^ I would like to experience everything about Korea, their food, the culture, how they live, the environment.  The old and modern generation rolled into one. Of course, we have to choose an airline that really inspires us to reach for our dreams. An airline who gives the satisfaction of the passengers. Hopefully someday, I know that I will take this flight with Korean Air.
Thank you  Korean Air Southeast Asia for giving me the chance to join Asian On Air Program 2013.  Korea here I come!! Trying my luck!   This program pushed me to write again on my blog 🙂

asian on air

Annyeong!! Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Aja!